Best Mens Tuxedo Shoes

It will be more than once in a man’s life that he will require a pair of mens tuxedo shoes. Whether he requires them for a prom, wedding or other formal engagement it is essential he buys the right pair, that have the right look and feel right for him.

After all, every man is different and his shoes must accommodate that. From price points, to materials, to different fasteners, to different styles and colours, there are many different types of mens tuxedo shoes on the market.

All of these shoes promise to make a man look a million dollars, and to set his suit apart from the rest. However, as many of them tend to be expensive, and tend to be worn at some of the most important events in a man’s life, it’s important to choose the right pair of mens tuxedo shoes.

With all of this in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the best mens tuxedo shoes available now.

calvin klein mens tuxedo shoes

Calvin Klein Men’s Gareth 2 Patent Tuxedo Oxford


Calvin Klein is a brand that needs no introduction. Its designer label style transcends generations and can be seen around many major cities on clothing items from suits to underwear.

Calvin Klein regularly teams up with some of the most popular celebrities and famous people on the planet to promote it’s items, so why not join them?

This pair of mens tuxedo shoes look amazing. The shiny black effect from high quality leather creates a real impression when worn with that perfect tux.

The leather and rubber sole gives you the right amount of comfort, style and sturdiness for your event and needs too.

The jet black laces, with four lace holes, mean that you can make this shoe meet your comfort needs. You can tie them tight or leave them loose, depending on how you feel, whilst still maintaining an elegant and beautiful looking shoe.

Some wearers believe that ordering a half size larger than normal is the right decision for these mens tuxedo shoes, but we’ll leave that choice up to you.

As with most mens tuxedo shoes, they will require a short period of being walked in until you feel at your most comfortable and ready for that special event.

Whether that be a wedding, prom or other black tie event, these shoes are sure to suit your suit and be the talk of the event.

zengara mens tuxedo shoes

Zengara Men’s Z30028 Oxford Tuxedo Shoes


Coming in at a slightly cheaper price point are these Zengara mens tuxedo shoes. They’re slick and stylish and will certainly complement any black tie event or suit that you require them to.

They are made from faux leather with a rubber sole for support and comfort when wearing and experiencing shock.

Like the Calvin Klein shoes above, these shoes also have a tie up front with laces used for optimum tightness and comfort, along with a flexible tongue.

With a square toe finish and that high quality black shine finish, these mens tuxedo shoes look fantastic and are sure to impress any friend, family member or even date!

You won’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable either as they have a cushioned insole and textured topsole, so your foot will feel great throughout your event.

Zengara is a well established firm and is known for high quality products at affordable prices. We’re sure you’ll find these mens tuxedo shoes a hit and will be going back for more!

amali mens tuxedo shoes

Amali Mens Metallic Silver Speckled Oxford Tuxedo Dress Shoes


If you’re a man that wishes to add a like sparkle and dazzle to his black tie event, then look no further than these Amali mens tuxedo shoes.

These have a striking look with metallic silver sparkled all over them. Aside from the black laces, and black synthetic material around the laces, these shoes are covered in sparkle to create that breath taking effect that you desire.

If you wish to make a statement, or simply want to liven up your black party event, then these are the shoes for you.

With laces to aid with comfort, a synthetic sole for some sturdiness at your event, and a comfortable inner sole, you’re sure to enjoy these shoes.

What’s more is that you’ll have the whole party talking about your shoes and how great they are. These are also very well priced, so they’re certainly worth considering as your next pair of mens tuxedo shoes.

Ideally, these could be worn to a party or a wedding where you’re looking to impress. The rise of alternative weddings mean that sparkle may be the theme of the event and you could be the king of it – albeit, after the groom himself of course!

z joyee mens tuxedo shoes

Z-joyee Mens Patent Leather Tuxedo Dress Shoes


Another alternative choice are these mens tuxedo shoes that are made by Z-joyee. Available in a gold or silver finish, these shoes are made from faux patent leather which is a man made material offering great levels of flexibility and comfort for these shoes.

The heel height on these shoes is just over 1 inch, which will allow you to make a great impression and experience comfort in these exciting shoes.

In addition, these shoes have a lightly cushioned footbed which will make any long function or wedding feel like a breeze as they will be so comfortable on your feet.

Another great feature is that these mens tuxedo shoes have a rubber sole so if you feel like dancing, your shoes will provide you with the strength and support you need!

These amazing shoes will surely create an impact at any function you attend, and your mens tuxedo shoes will certainly receive many compliments.

You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that these were designer created by the team at Z-joyee, will feel great and won’t break the bank either as they’re really quite affordable. They’re surely a great addition to any exciting wardrobe!

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