Best Mens Saddle Shoes

Over the last few years, saddle shoes have been worn by more and more people around the world. Their popularity is result of celebrity fans, their exciting colour choices and often the quality and durability from manufacturers.

The use of leather in a contrasting colour has made this Oxford shoe an essential must in every modern man’s wardrobe.

The wonderful adaptability that they bring to your outfits and wardrobe is also a huge plus. Men can be proud to strut in their mens saddle shoes like never before, whether that’s around the office, playing sport, at home or at a formal occasion, they look great.

With this in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the best mens saddle shoes on the market right now.

Bass & Co mens saddle shoes

G.H. Bass & Co. Men’s Parker Oxford


Our first choice is from the very popular G.H. Bass & Co. brand which offers these breathtaking white and dark beige coloured shoes.

The contrast of the two colours looks fantastic and will work well with light coloured or dark coloured outfits. These mens saddle shoes are made of genuine leather on the outside and have a genuine leather lining on the inside too.

The sole is synthetic, whilst the footbed is cushioned latex which provides a really comfortable fit.

The comfort of these shoes also comes through as the leather stretches in the right places, so after wearing them one or two times they prove very comfortable.

Beyond this, the laces which are relatively long allow you to fasten them as loosely or tightly as you choose. The laces are also surrounded by metal grommets – these are metal rings that circle the holes of the laces – and this feature allows for a highly quality product that can be tightened to optimum comfort levels.

With perforated designs on the darker colour, these mens saddle shoes are a fantastic option if you’re looking for a pair for the workplace or in a more casual setting.

They are also available in a range of colours, including blue, yellow and brown, so you can own a real selection of these fine shoes if you’d like to. After buying your first pair, and falling in love, you’re sure to want more!

beautiful mens saddle shoes

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Vaughn Saddle Fashion Sneaker


As one of the most famous names in designer fashion, Ralph Lauren sets a high standard for mens saddle shoes among many other products.

Known for innovative designs and quality that lasts throughout the decades, you’re right to assume that these shoes are of a very high quality.

Made from leather and fabric, along with leather laces, this pair of shoes have a contemporary feel to a classic design.

The shoes have a beautiful contrast of blue and brown colours, and also have the iconic Ralph Lauren logo on them – a logo renowned as a symbol of heritage and authenticity.

In this design, that iconic logo is also a deep blue colour and offsets the brown colouring wonderfully. If the striking colours, white sole with a blue slip or even the leather laces do not provoke a compliment from others; the world famous Ralph Lauren logo surely will.

These shoes would be ideal for more casual events, such as parties or relaxed functions, but given the correct outfit, they’d be sure to work well in all sorts of situations.

They’re also very easy to clean, so the opportunity to be reworn and to be loved, certainly presents itself.

These mens saddle shoes come in a range of different colours so you could own the whole range if you’d like to, and at such an affordable price for designer items, why not!

One thing to remember though, is that Ralph Lauren shoes tend to fit a little narrowly so it may be worth buying a larger size if this concerns you. After a few wears though, they’re sure to be as comfortable as you could ask for.

oxford mens saddle shoes

Bass Men’s Butte Oxford


Our third suggestion is from Bass, a luxury brand known for high quality products at affordable prices. Their mens saddle shoes here provide a lovely contrast of two brown colours that are sure to match many outfits at a variety of occasions.

Here, the darker leather contrasts the lighter leather creating a lovely, warming effect that is sure to impress. These shoes are sure to complement many men’s wardrobes but a more mature wardrobe and gentlemen would certainly look particular well matched to them.

The shoes themselves have a rubber sole for stability and comfort, especially if these are worn regularly. Internally, they have a breathable leather lining which means your feet will feel comfortable and cool even if you wear these shoes for long bouts of time.

The round toed shape also gives your toes a comfortable amount of room, whilst looking particularly stylish. The perforated designs are also a popular feature, and although the shoes have a narrow fit to begin with, after a couple of wears, the comfort of these shoes also proves popular.

Bass has a few other colours available from its range – all of which provide comfort, durability and style at a great price point. These are certainly great mens saddle shoes to consider.

cole haan mens saddle shoes

Cole Haan Men’s Great Jones Saddle Oxford


A higher end alternative, for the man who looks for supreme quality from a well established firm could be this pair of mens saddle shoes from Cole Haan.

Established almost 80 years ago, this firm knows style and how to meet customers’ needs, and these shoes certainly prove a popular choice.

As you can see, the mix of white, blue, yellow and pink colours work brilliantly. Though mainly white, the yellow trim and pink sole work very well along with the dark blue laces and blue leather that streams across the sides of the shoes.

These mens saddle shoes are made from leather, with a rubber sole that offers great stability and durability when worn often.

The heel is approximately 1.5 inches high which can help your posture or simply add a couple of inches for the all important photos of your event and lives!

The platform height of the shoes is 0.25 inches, which again provides great stability and strength for such a fashionable shoe.

The shoes are also very comfortable with a four eye lacing system that allows you to reach optimum comfort levels depending on how loose or tight you’d like your shoes to be.

With great design and quality also comes a higher price tag, but these mens saddle shoes should certainly be considered great value for money. They are sure to be eye catching and will gain many compliments to the wearer!

biion mens saddle shoes

Biion Men’s The Saddles Oxford and Golf Slip On


If you’re looking for comfort or a sporty feel, then look no further than with these Biion mens saddle shoes. The bright blue and white colours made from synthetic materials look fantastic and will look great whenever they’re worn.

Though they are particularly well received on golf courses, these could be worn around the house or casually around town. Either way, these shoes are eye catching and have such an attractive design especially for such an appealing price point.

Along with the synthetic materials, the soles are made from rubber which provide great grip and stability when worn.

They are also highly comfortable mens saddle shoes as they are slip on shoes which make it really easy to put these shoes on and take them off too.

The synthetic material also creates a tight fit which hugs your feet and makes wearing them a very comfortable prospect.

In addition, these lightweight, spikeless and high performance shoes will be long lasting addition to your wardrobe.

They’re ideal for sports and for creating a striking impression, but the comfort they provide will make you want to wear them for much, much longer.

Biion have also made alternative versions of these mens saddle shoes in orange and other colours so if this blue option doesn’t meet your tastes, then you could consider those.

But either way, this is a highly quality mens saddle shoe that you’re sure to be happy with and will want to wear and be complimented on.

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