Best Mens Nursing Shoes

Nursing shoes are hard wearing, durable, high quality shoes that provide great value for money for people who wear them.

They’re usually comfortable, in a variety of exciting colours and are very easy to keep clean. Whilst they’re particularly popular in the nursing profession, they’re also popular in jobs where people are on their feet all day, working hard and need an easy and durable shoe.

There are a large amount of mens nursing shoes on the market, with different ones offering varying features from colour, slip resistance and extensive durability. With this in mind, we’re going to take a look at the best ones on the market at the moment.

crocs mens nursing shoes

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog


Our first recommendation are the crocs Clogs. Crocs as a brand has revolutionised the mens nursing shoes market, as well as the womens nursing shoes market, with its simple designs and reputation for high durability.

This Bistro design is one of its most simplistic, with a heel strap for a comfortable fit. Adding to its comfort levels is its massaging footbed which makes a long, hard day at work or walking around the park much easier and much more comfortable.

These mens nursing shoes are also made of a synthetic material which covers the sole too, providing comfort and strength to a very durable pair of shoes. These shoes are also available in white and blue.

These mens nursing shoes are also ideal for employees in the food service industry. These meet safety standards, so they are slip resistant and are tested to ASTM F1677 standards. These are an ideal choice for any workplace.

black mens nursing shoes

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe


Merrell are known for comfort and high quality, and as always this comes at a price, so these mens nursing shoes are a little more on the expensive side.

This pair of shoes offer a stylish design, made by a mix of leather materials along with a rubber sole for sturdiness at the workplace.

These materials also offer a level of waterproof protection to the foot too which is very useful in some workplaces.

These black shoes have a small heel which aid comfort, along with a padded collar, flexible inserts and slip resistant Suregrip outsole.

The shoes also have an air cushion underfoot making walking and working much more comfortable and convenient.

These mens nursing shoes have non marking soles too which means they will be accepted into workplaces and will not leave marks on the tiles there, or at the home.

In addition, these are slip on shoes that have some elastic properties that mean your foot can fit in easily and are held in place for the whole of your day. This also adds to the comfortable feel of this pair of mens nursing shoes.

mens nursing slippers

Fenda’s Men Lightweight Nursing Clog Mules Slipper


Our third option are made by Frenda and they are a high quality, yet value for money option. Unlike our other options these have a mesh outer layer and a synthetic sole, which make them a more fashionable and trendy option.

These mens nursing shoes offer a great mix of style with function, especially as they are slip on and slip off which makes them very easy to put on and take off at the beginning and end of wearing them.

Notably here, these mens nursing shoes have a very comfortable inner lining which means wearing them is a breeze!

Elastic insoles and a skid proof sole provide a sturdy shoe that’s comfortable too. In addition, they’re a nice gray colour wish shades of dark and light gray at different parts of the shoe.

They’re also highly versatile and can be worn at the home, or in a hospital or kitchen environments, without getting tired and aching feet.

dickies mens nursing shoes

Dickies Unisex ZIGZAG Injected Clog Footwear


If you’re looking for colourful and exciting mens nursing shoes then Dickies should probably be your choice. These mens nursing shoes come in a huge range of colours from green, to blue, to purple, so your personality can shine through. Alternatively, these shoes could work really well if you need to meet uniform requirements.

These mens nursing shoes are highly durable, with a rubber outsole which is slip resistant and flexible so it can meet the needs of your day.

The shoes are also extremely lightweight and easy to clean which makes them ideal in many different job roles, such as in hospitals, kitchens and other potentially messy places. In terms of cleaning, these are washable in cool or warm water, so this will never prove problematic.

You’ll also notice that these clogs have a strap that can swivel to be worn at the back of the foot for a securer fit, or at the front of the foot for a more relaxed feel.

townforst mens nursing shoes

Townforst Kevin Men’s Slip and Oil Resistant Shoes


Our final choice are some mens nursing shoes with a difference. These shoes made by Townforst are slip and oil resistant and offer supreme quality.

They are made from leather and have a synthetic sole too. These materials make this a fashionable mens nursing shoe that could be worn inside and outside of work, so it really is ideal!

The slip resistant nature of the shoe provides shock absorption, friction free walking and extra comfort with cushioned insoles and mid-soles.

This makes them ideal for the longest working days, in the hospital, kitchen or other workplace.

Like other mens nursing shoes listed here, these Townforst shoes are slip on and slip off, making it very easy to put your shoes on and off, which can be a great relief at the end of a hectic day.

They also include a small amount of elastic which allows the shoe to grip tighter to your foot to provide an effective hold without being too tight and uncomfortable.

These mens nursing shoes are a fantastic choice, and look great too, but unfortunately are a little bit more on the expensive side of our spectrum.

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