Best Slip Resistant Shoes For Men

Whether you’re looking for slip resistant shoes for men for the workplace or for your home, it’s clear that the popularity of these durable, safety-enhancing and stylish shoes is rapidly increasing.

Slip resistant shoes offer a comfortable and fashionable solution to common slips and falls that can happen on a tiled or hard floor area.

No longer should anyone fear of slipping on oil or water spillages as a result of poor footwear. Slip resistant shoes are also particularly useful for the workplace, such as in restaurants or factories where spillages often occur.

In addition, they can be useful in outdoor locations as they offer greater weather resistance to other shoes which can quickly become damaged or do not provide enough grip on the sole.

What to look for when buying slip resistant shoes for men

When looking for slip resistant shoes for men, you should always consider why you need the shoes in the first place. There’s a whole range of shoes available, some which provide greater comfort, which might be perfect for those who experience foot pain and discomfort.

Alternatively, other slip resistant shoes offer greater durability, and may be perfect for those looking for non slip work shoes – especially for those working long hours, perhaps outdoors and in difficult conditions.

Elsewhere, there are options for warmer and cooler versions of slip resistant shoes, and these would prove ideal for people who are exposed to the climate, or simply want to stay fashionable year round.

Best Slip Resistant Shoes For Men Reviews

Here we’re going to review some of the best slip resistant shoes for men on the market to help you decide which you should buy.

skechers slip resistant shoes for men

Skechers Slip Resistant Shoes For Men


These stylish slip resistant shoes for men are a great choice to kick off our list. They provide comfortable and quality at an affordable price.

Designed and made by Sketchers, you can be sure that you’re buying from a safe and reputable brand with years of experience. Since 1992, Sketchers has produced slip resistant shoes for men at an affordable price in order to meet varying lifestyle needs.

Made from synthetic materials with a memory foam sole, these shoes offer great comfort, particularly for those that work long, hard hours on their feet.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of our first choice:


  • Comfort. This choice offers great comfort with a memory foam sole, which means the shoe moulds to your foot and can keep pace with any pressure points you create when walking or manoeuvring at the workplace or at home.These slip resistant shoes for men also have a flexible fit, meaning they can easily be put on and taken off. This makes them an ideal pair if you’re looking for non slip work shoes.
  • Quality. The Sketchers brand is an internationally known and respected one which has over twenty years of experience in providing perfect shoes for people, from fashionable sneakers to non slips work shoes.
  • Durability. These slip resistant shoes for men will perform well in all weathers, in all seasons, so you don’t need to worry about them getting wet or muddy, as they will easily clean and will last well.
  • Style. Sketchers is a fashionable and trendy brand, and as you can see, these slip resistant shoes for men are no different. They look great, with the criss-cross texture on the top lip of the shoes, along with the black smooth look at the sides, and with the Sketchers logo at the back, they’re a very attractive footwear option.


Safety. These shoes do not include a steel toe cap, meaning that they do not offer protection from heavy items dropping on your feet.

Therefore, if you work in factories and often carry heavy items around, and need protection from potentially dropping them, then these will not be the shoes for you. However, if you’re simply looking for non slip work shoes, these could be ideal.

oxford slip resistant shoes for men

Sebago Men’s Stowaway Two-Eye Oxford


The second option in our list, is a much more fashion-conscious one. These slip resistant shoes for men offer effortless style for a good price.

The mix of leather and textile give these shoes a really on trend look, whilst also offering comfort and the safety of slip resistant shoes too.

Sebago, the American designer, have a history of contemporary design with excellent quality. Whilst many of their shoes are popular as boat shoes, they have universal uses.

If you’re looking for a boat shoe, these would be an ideal choice, as they look great with their blue and brown design, whilst offering the slip resistance required for a boat.

These slip resistant shoes for men would also complement on land lifestyles too such as around the home and in the kitchen.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of our second choice, the Sebago Men’s Stowaway Two- Eye Oxford:


  • Style. The most obvious benefit of these shoes is the aesthetic appeal that they offer. Most slip resistant shoes for men look good, but these go one step further.The combination of brown leather and blue material offer a contemporary take on a classic look. The use of laces also mean that they offer a mature look for fashion conscious buyers.

    In addition, the white soles (if kept clean) give a very slick and sleek design feature that really exudes fashion and style.

    These shoes provide a great summer look too as their light colors are likely to match any apparel choice you make. If you work on a boat, these could be the ideal non slip work shoes for you.

  • Comfort. As these shoes use laces, they can be tied tightly or loosely depending on the comfort needs of the wearer. This inclusion allows for greater comfort, and as stated makes them look great too.


  • Safety. These non slip work shoes offer little protection if you’re looking for a particularly durable and strong option.So, if you need shoes for working in a warehouse or factory these shoes may not be the best choice. They do not include a steel toe cap and therefore offer no protection if you drop anything on your feet.

    It should be noted though, that they do have a rubber sole so do offer the slip resistance that you require on a boat or around the home and garden.

  • Durability. Though these shoes look great, the use of leather and textile means that they are not very hard wearing, so they may not be the ideal pair of non slip work shoes.

If these get caught in the rain or other bad weather, or even if they get dirty, it may be difficult to clean them or dry them quickly. These are ideal summer shoes but they may not work well for the winter or if you plan to work in a muddy area.

wolverine mens slip resistant work shoes

Wolverine Men’s Merlin High Work Boot


These slip resistant shoes for men offer the greatest protection for men in terms of durability and safety. The leather, high laced, ankle covering boots are perfect for outdoor work and for cold weather too.

The designer, Wolverine, has made these the shoes for high protection and that’s why they’re one of the more expensive choices listed in this review.

Wolverine, was set up in Michigan, USA, in 1883 and strives to provide high quality footwear to meet all weather and lifestyle conditions.

These slip resistant shoes for men offer no different, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these shoes.


  • Durability. These non slip work shoes are waterproof, puncture resistant and have an anti-microbial mesh sock liner meaning they last for longer and stay fresh too.That anti-microbial mesh sock liner sets this boot apart from other slip resistant shoes for men. You can expect freshness, and non-smelly shoes for a long time to come, regardless of how long you wear them for.

    Being waterproof and puncture resistant is also great if you work outdoors, or with water, or perhaps just enjoy getting wet.

    These boots could be ideal for those working outdoors, fishermen or simply for those looking for a highly durable set of shoes for when they go outdoors walking or hiking.

  • Safety. These boots have a composite toe, which means they offer some protection from falling items on the toes but they are not steel toe capped.Either way, this protection is likely to help you if you drop something on your feet and provides additional comfort too.
  • Comfort. As these boots are ankle high, they really help to keep your feet warm and dry, no matter the weather.They’re also made of leather and waterproof so you can be sure that nothing will get inside your shoes to make your feet uncomfortable.


  • Price. These slip resistant shoes for men are more expensive than other options on our list due to the quality and features they provide. As we all know though, you get what you pay for!
  • Weight. These non slip work shoes weigh 2 pounds which is much more than the other shoes listed in this review. Although this is not particularly heavy for a boot of this nature, it is heavy in comparison to other slip resistant shoes for men.
  • It may also be problematic for younger or less strong men, particularly if you are working long, hard hours, as your feet may ache a lot by the end of the day.

magnum slip resistant shoes for men

Magnum Men’s Motion Low WPI Work Shoe


These all leather slip resistant shoes for men are a great choice for an all round shoe. They provide a highly durable option that are also reasonably priced.

These shoes would be ideal non slip work shoes for workplaces such as a restaurant, café or construction site, as they are so durable and offer the comfort and breathability of a shoe as opposed to a boot.

Produced by Magnum, these slip resistant shoes for men are waterproof with a rubber sole and having a shock absorbing removable insole providing you with the utmost comfort.

Being made from leather also means that they are easy to clean and are highly durable non slip work shoes. They also made good use of Magum’s ion mask technology which means that water is resisted and simply rolls off them.

These are a high quality and highly durable shoe that should be seriously considered, especially when they are so affordable. Let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Simple durability. These shoes have an outer covering of leather and are therefore very easy to keep clean and will be long lasting too.As mentioned, they are waterproof and have Magnum’s ion mask technology to repel water too. These non slip work shoes should last a long time, therefore they are a good investment for your money, especially if you work in a restaurant or kitchen where spills are likely.
  • Comfort. These shoes offer freedom to your ankles, unlike boots, whilst using laces so you can have them as tight or loose as you’d like, and they also have a shock absorbing insole.This means that any long bouts of walking or other movement will not cause pain to your feet, as any sudden moves will be cushioned by this insole.

    Of course, if you do not like the insole, you can take it out, thereby offering you another choice towards optimal comfort.


  • Style. Although these slip resistant shoes for men do not look bad, they also don’t look great either. They are simplistic in their look, as a black, all leather pair of shoes, and as stated they offer great durability and comfort, but they may not look very good on a boat or at a garden party.

These shoes are ideal for the workplace, and that’s probably where they should stay. So, if you’re fashion-conscious it would probably be recommended that these non slip work shoes are not the ones for you… Unless you work in a kitchen and need them! All shoes have a purpose.

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